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Building Effective Sales Funnels for Your Blog

After choosing a good SEO for your blog, the journey to escalate the traffic and sale should not stop there. In the era of content marketing, you will need a sales funnel strategy to help you retain potential customers during the selling process. It helps you to get a loyal customer through engagement improvement and eventually give your blog a revenue that you want. If you have not familiarized yet with the idea of sales funnels and how it helps your blog, click here to learn more about it. In case you are applying the sales funnel, do it right and ensure the following components are working effectively. Otherwise, your network marketing business will suffer.

Target Research

Building an effective sales funnel should have a clear ground, especially regarding your target market. Research who they are, what is their wishes, and how your blog would be the answer to their problem. These are vital questions you need to answer that can determine the future of your blog. If you try to make it as you wish without considering the market variable, most likely, you cannot communicate your blog and end up with a lot of troubles to find people who have the interest to visit your site.

Content Marketing

Marketing Strategy

The starter point to build your sales funnel is marketing. It can be a video, article, social media, pay-per-click, paid advertisement, or many other strategies that suit your site. Learn and master it until it works and move to another marketing strategy to keep your site crowded. 

Lead Capture Page

NewsletterThe headline page has to exhibit information about you and your business so that the interested customer can dive into your page. Then, develop the message on the lead capture page that you use to expand the target of your marketing campaign. It is where you tell your potential customers exactly what to expect when they decide to subscribe to your newsletter or email campaign. Provide your customer with a newly created training camp or something valuable can also generate appreciation for your loyal and potential customer. 


With your campaign, you begin to connect with your customer. To some extent, this connection, hopefully, would acquire a buyer and a business partner. All can be done with the help of the auto-responder to guide your prospective business campaign. Remember to make a proportional campaign that is subject to the 90/10 rule. It has to be 90% of valuable content and 10% of marketing.

Social Media Roles

After making a campaign, share your valuable content with social media. This approach is a fantastic method to boost your traffic. Share your blog information through Twitter and Facebook. Communicate and connect with your audience and invite them to attend events that you are currently hosted.

Sale Closure

Once you have taken over all those components above, your site would be more natural to collect a sale closure. Purchase request and heavy traffic are staying around your website without much hassle. This way, your site or blog could make a difference than before.

There are several ways to achieve sufficient sales funnels, but all surrounded those components would lead to successful content marketing. Besides, those components can help to put your business on autopilot and attract potential customers if you organize it correctly. This way, you can take your business into a larger company.

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