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Health Benefits Of Reading Often

Most people read to get enlightened or to obtain some special skills. Besides reading for knowledge reasons, reading is also good for your health. Knowing that reading is good for your health, you have every reason to continue reading. If you do not read often, you do not have any reason to be left behind, start reading now and make yourself better. Here are some important reasons you should read more often.

Reading is good for your concentrationsaAQaWSFadFasD

Most people are pros at multitasking. However, constant attention to replying to emails, texts messages and phone calls can act against your concentration. Reading a book for more than five minutes gives your mind the chance to escape from distractions and focus on one thing for an extended period. It is advisable to devote some time to read more often to sharpen your wits.

Boosts your memory

Reading requires significant concentration, for the reader to understand and retain what he or she is reading. The act of trying to keep information stimulates the brain in many ways. Read often is bound to have a direct effect on your mind’s ability to remember. It is only through reading where the brain is forced to create new and fresh memories. This has been proven to have a profound impact on your memory functions.

Reading reduces stress

Reading often is a good way to curb stress. As a tip, this benefit is not limited to the type of book you read. Reading any book enables you to escape from stress and unnecessary worries. Instead, focusing on the contents of the book and trying to resonates with the imagination of the author is bound to have a positive impact on your mental health.

Helps you live long

asdcAQSDDS Did you know that reading more can extend your stay on earth? A recent study conducted by a top university in the US has established that individuals that took at least 3 hours of their time per week tend to live longer. Most importantly, this study confirms that these benefits are only realized by those that read books and not newspapers.

Reading improves the quality of your sleep

If you chat often, exposure to phone light can be limiting. Swapping your phone with a book can lead to a good night sleep. Ideally, you should strive to read before retiring to bed. If you love reading, grab a copy of Sarah Dessen’s book “Just Listen” and evaluate the role played by some of just listen characters and how they bring count the overall theme in this publication.…

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Air Pollution

Air pollution refers to the undesirable changes in the chemical, biological or physical characteristics of air. Air pollution occurs when the harmful gasses, smoke, and dust accumulate in the atmosphere making it difficult for the animals, humans, and plants to survive. It is caused by both natural and human-made sources. This is mainly caused by air pollutants which pollute the air. Some of the air pollutants include carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, forest fires, pollen grains hydrocarbons, asbestos compounds, lead compounds, cement dust, radioactive rays, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), excessive levels of carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen.

Causes of air pollution

Agricultural activities

Agricultural activities have led to increased levels of ammonia which is considered as one of the hazardous gasses which contribute to air pollution when it is released to the atmosphere. The modern agriculture has lead to increased usage of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. Most of these chemicals are emitted into the atmosphere leading to air and water pollution.


Exhaust gasses from industries and factories

The manufacturing industries release large quantities of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, chemicals, and organic compounds into the air. These substances are the leading pollutants of air. In addition to air pollution, the hydrocarbons released into the air from petroleum refineries also contribute to land pollution.

Mining operations

Mining involves extracting the various types of minerals from the earth’s crust bus use of large machines. A lot of chemicals are released during this process, most of them which end up in the atmosphere leading to massive air pollution. In fact, pollution caused by the mining industries has lead to deteriorating health conditions or status of the nearby residents and workers.

Effects associated with air pollution

Heart and respiratory problems

Air pollution has lead to alarming effects which. It has lead to various heart and respiratory conditions. There are many deaths have been caused by the indirect and direct effects associated with air pollution. There have been increased incidences of children suffering from asthma and pneumonia in the areas affected by air pollution.

Effect on wildlife

Animals are affected by the devastating effects pollution. The toxic chemicals released in the air will affect the wildlife  species in that area causing them to migrate to other places. These substances can also affect the sea animals when they get deposited in the water.

Acid rain

This is a result of the harmful gasses which have been released into the atmosphere. It is mainly contributed by sulphur and nitrogen oxides produced when fossil fuels are burnt. These gasses are known for combining with water droplets leading to the formation of acid rain. This rain can result in severe damage to the crops and animals.

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Potential Dangers Of Sedentary Lifestyle

The human body is designed for moving. Human beings have been moving and working for thousands of years for their survival. Since the early times, they have been moving to gather food, escape the predators as well as migrating to new lands. However, things have changed with technological advances playing a key role in influencing the way human beings work and live. People are increasing becoming less active due to the inventions of various machines and cars. This has adversely affected the health condition of many people as it has increased the prevalence of degenerative diseases. Diseases associated with lack of physical activity are claiming more lives than any other diseases. In fact, according to the world health organization, about 3.2 million deaths are reported every year globally.

Heart diseases

Being idle for too long can reduce the rate in which the body is burning fat. This can make the fatty acids to clog in your heart leading to heart problems such as the coronary heart diseases. People who spend much of their time sited watching television or in cars are at high risks of developing cardiovascular diseases

Diabetes risk

Your body will utilize very little sugar when you are not active. It is estimated that over 80,000 people spend much of their time watching TV every hour. This can increase the risks or chances of developing diabetes by roughly 3.4 percent. This practice is not healthy for your body. Exercises are one of the best natural remedies for diabetes. Lack of physical activity can increase the risk of developing diabetes and other diseases associated with diabetes.

Loss of bone and muscle strength

You can maintain your lean muscles by performing your daily tasks. This can help in making your body more strong and healthy. The sedentary lifestyle has made some of these activities more difficult. This is very common with the older adults. Being physically inactive can make your lose your bone and muscle strength. People working in the office environment are encouraged to exercise more to prevent the effects associated with sedentary lifestyle since they spend much of their time sitting.

Fuzzy thinking

You might have some troubles concentrating throughout the day if you append a lot of time sitting down when working. This is because there is less blood which is being pumped to the various parts of the body when you are not moving. This is likely to affect the functionality of the major organs including the brain. Remaining stationary for many hours can greatly reduce the circulation of blood to the brain thus slowing down the cognitive functions.…

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