Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

seo key SEO is a broad subject that entails a lot more than improving a site’s ranking on search engines. It is almost impossible to know everything regarding the subject at any given time because SEO practices keep on changing from time to time. There are many frequently asked questions about SEO, some of which are highlighted below.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Ideally, search engine optimization refers to a systematic process that is aimed at improving the position that a website appears on the result page of search engines. Higher ranking significantly enhances the chances of gaining more traffic to the site, meaning more business. The site rankings are made based on the relevancy of content to the search of a user.

Is SEO Ethical/Legal?

SEO is both legal and ethical. However, that goes only for white-hat SEO. Black-hat SEO practices are not only unethical but also illegal as per the rules of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which are the major search engines. Examples of black-hat practices include keyword stuffing, doorway pages, invisible texts, and addition of unrelated keywords, among others. Such practices can get your website penalized or banned by the search engines.

How Often Should I Do SEO?

SEO is not a one-time task, contrary to what many people believe. It is something that you have to do continuously for as long as your business is ongoing. That is especially the case given that many parts of SEO keep changing with time. Link degradation, competition from other businesses, and regular changes in algorithms are some of the reasons why you need to work on SEO continuously. The good thing is that SEO offers a much better ROI compared to the other traditional methods.

Should I Hire an SEO Company to Do SEO for Me?

Hiring an SEO company is not necessarily a must, although it is the fastest and best way to get good results. In as much as it can be a bit costly for a small business to hire SEO experts, the returns will always make it worth it. You have to hire the right experts for you to realize profits from your investments in SEO.

Do Meta Tags Matter in SEO?

Meta tags can be described as the snippets of texts that are meant to describe the content on a webpage. According to experts, meta tags do not matter nowadays. Google no longer uses them as ranking factors. However, meta tags provide additional information to users and may improve the click-through rate. The click-through rate does affect ranking.