Air Pollution

Air pollution refers to the undesirable changes in the chemical, biological or physical characteristics of air. Air pollution occurs when the harmful gasses, smoke, and dust accumulate in the atmosphere making it difficult for the animals, humans, and plants to survive. It is caused by both natural and human-made sources. This is mainly caused by air pollutants which pollute the air. Some of the air pollutants include carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, forest fires, pollen grains hydrocarbons, asbestos compounds, lead compounds, cement dust, radioactive rays, chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), excessive levels of carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen.

Causes of air pollution

Agricultural activities

Agricultural activities have led to increased levels of ammonia which is considered as one of the hazardous gasses which contribute to air pollution when it is released to the atmosphere. The modern agriculture has lead to increased usage of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. Most of these chemicals are emitted into the atmosphere leading to air and water pollution.


Exhaust gasses from industries and factories

The manufacturing industries release large quantities of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, chemicals, and organic compounds into the air. These substances are the leading pollutants of air. In addition to air pollution, the hydrocarbons released into the air from petroleum refineries also contribute to land pollution.

Mining operations

Mining involves extracting the various types of minerals from the earth’s crust bus use of large machines. A lot of chemicals are released during this process, most of them which end up in the atmosphere leading to massive air pollution. In fact, pollution caused by the mining industries has lead to deteriorating health conditions or status of the nearby residents and workers.

Effects associated with air pollution

Heart and respiratory problems

Air pollution has lead to alarming effects which. It has lead to various heart and respiratory conditions. There are many deaths have been caused by the indirect and direct effects associated with air pollution. There have been increased incidences of children suffering from asthma and pneumonia in the areas affected by air pollution.

Effect on wildlife

Animals are affected by the devastating effects pollution. The toxic chemicals released in the air will affect the wildlife  species in that area causing them to migrate to other places. These substances can also affect the sea animals when they get deposited in the water.

Acid rain

This is a result of the harmful gasses which have been released into the atmosphere. It is mainly contributed by sulphur and nitrogen oxides produced when fossil fuels are burnt. These gasses are known for combining with water droplets leading to the formation of acid rain. This rain can result in severe damage to the crops and animals.

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